Money: The Trigger to Action

"If you ever want to know someone's true character, watch how they react when it comes to spending their money."

Although I do not tout to be an expert with money, I have learned an important secret about our relationship to money that will separate you from those that achieve and those that don't achieve. I uncovered this by listening to people that have what I want and by examining my own behavior over time.

What I have found in my life journey is that when it comes to money most people 1) Don't save their money at all 2) Only save to save or 3) Only save to invest in the markets. There is, however, another level to saving/spending money that few people fall into. This is the category of people that rise above the rest of the pack. This person is someone that invests their money in things that make them more money AND invests their money into their own education and development. Unfortunately, most people stop investing in themselves after they graduate from their school. I postulate that this is why most people feel they are living lackluster lives. I have found that the commonality of people like this is that they are afraid to invest in themselves. They are afraid to go to seminars, buy books or buy online courses. I have heard everything from "It's a scam", "It's too much money", "I don't have the time". If you look at every single super successful person, they have all invested into themselves. Period.

One objection I have heard to this is, "The internet has essentially given us the ability to learn everything for free. Why would I invest into a course/ book if I can just learn it all for free?" Yes, the internet has provided an amazing way to learn so many things for free. It is truly one of the best times to be alive to learn for free. However, what I have found is that since many people feel like they have so many resources at their disposal, paradoxically it makes them more inclined to not take action. "Oh, I can do it later, its all online for free anyways. I can look at it whenever I want to." This is a huge trap. I know because I felt into it for way too long.

You know when someone is serious when they invest their own money into themselves. Money really does talk. What I have found on my journey is that when I invested my own money into myself, I was much more inclined to take action. I kicked myself EVERYDAY that I did not take action. A year or so, I invested in an online course on how to make more money online. It was not cheap and it was not easy, but DANG did it push me. I did NOT want to feel like I had wasted my money. It made me take action every day and it still makes me take action every day. Now, I have been able to live and travel in different countries all over the world because of what I learned. I know that I would not have been motivated enough to work at it if I had not put money into myself. My own investment made me take action.

Besides, most people that charge money for the knowledge they have are experts in their field and will show you how to get over the learning curve much faster then if you decided to take on the monumental task of figuring out things on your own. You will come to find that TIME is the most valuable asset you have. You can always make money, but you can never make more time. Sure, you can take triple the time trying to figure out things on your own, or you can just invest a little bit into yourself and expedite the process.

Think about what you want in life and seek the experts that have what you want. If you really want to make a change, invest in yourself.


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