Why Having a Spiritual Awakening is so Difficult

The subject of spiritual awakenings is multifaceted and complex. There are many trailheads to entering its path, however its path follows the same direction. Some feel the magnetism to walk the path when they begin to meditate, travel, eat better, exercise or question axioms of their lives that they once held firmly to. Part of the nature of spiritual awakening is that it is like an endlessly intricate puzzle. Once you have a glimpse into the puzzle and how its mosaic is supposed to look, it is seldom easy to stop trying to fit the puzzle pieces together.

We are in a fantastic time in our human evolution, it seems every day more and more people are discovering hidden aspects of humanity and how the world works. A lot of this is attributed to technology and the ability to spread ideas and galvanize movements with breakneck speed. While a lot of it has to do with uncovering the monumental scales of political and corporate corruption. However, these are just two of a litany of reasons why humanity is experiencing this rapid awakening.

One could objectively say that this human awakening is fantastic. Humans are biologically coded with an ingrained desire for balance and justice and when light is being spread on corruption, it empowers us to make informed and wiser decisions. However, when you are in the thick of your awakening process, it is incredibly challenging to deal with. Do not let this discourage you from your pursuit of Truth, instead allow yourself to become aware of the challenges that lay ahead on your path to becoming a Seeker.

Becoming a Seeker, or someone who adamantly desires to learn and live in harmony what is True, is sometimes unbearably lonely. This is because it appears to you that the vast majority of people that you interact with do not share the values you dearly hold in your life now. It might appear that they seek things that only give them a temporary high. Money, sexual gratification, status, material possessions etc. To make matters more frustrating, effectively communicating your continual disinterest in these things to your peers might make you come across as annoyingly self-righteous. Genuinely and humbly trying to communicate these things often times elicits a blank stare, a disengaged head-nod or even a disapproving eye-roll. You must learn to be okay with being alone for a long time until you find somebody that you can speak with on this level. Once you find this individual, hold onto them tight.

To elaborate more on the difficultly of communicating your insights, you must learn the level of engagement that you have with others. The further along the path of Truth you walk, the more you realize is that Truth and the progression of human consciousness is the only thing worth talking about; the only thing that you find that matters. Talking about these things with people might be exhausting for them, so you must become adept at knowing the right level of engagement you should have. Further and further refinement of these ideas mean that fewer and fewer people possess the proper lexicon to describe certain subtle phenomenon.

On top of the difficulty describing these ideas, you no longer find joy in the things that once brought you joy. Which naturally means that you are no longer able to relate to many people. If you are no longer able to relate to others, you understandably become a person that many do not choose to relate to. It is analogous to a destructive drug addict. Most people would agree that because they do not value the behaviors and desires of that drug addict, they do not choose to engage with that destructive person. Naturally, we are attracted to people we can relate to. Your vibe is your tribe and always will be.

Awakenings leave no stone left unturned and I mean NO STONES. What does this mean? It means that every long held belief you have had is either challenged or outright shattered and it is very uncomfortable. This includes, but is certainly not limited to your ideas and beliefs of/in God, spirit, matter, religion, diet, exercise, romantic relationships, values, habits, relationship with Self, government, business, money, time, fate/destiny and institutionalized beliefs. You realize how preposterously unsound your logic and reasoning is. You realize how much of a hypocrite you are. The more you challenge, the more you align with the middle path of truth and balance and you realize just how sick this world is. In many cases it can feel like we are in the domain of the devil. This nihilism is probably the most difficult thing to overcome during your awakening. You wonder why life has to be so difficult. You wonder why we must exist in this earthly plane that seems so frustratingly limiting. You wonder why humans seem to endlessly murder other humans and other animals. You wonder why we allow for systematic atrocities to occur all the time. You wonder why so many human have not learned about themselves and the nature of humanity and have not taken the steps to change once and for all. Sometimes it makes you want to scream your trachea out. That’s when you must realize that your awakening process has been gifted to you for a beautiful reason. This is called the Great Work. The Great Work is so vast and difficult because it requires every human being to go through this painful process and nobody likes that. Just remember to stay strong and know that your path is noble. If nobody sought Truth, we would stay permanently drowning in an ocean of illusions and confusion.

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