Book Review: The Five Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages By. Dr. Gary Chapman

Title: The Five Love Languages

Author: Dr. Gary Chapman

The Don Experience Rating: 5/5

I am excited to announce my first book review! For those of you who know me personally, you know that I would be caught dead without a book on hand. I find so much joy in sharing with others the power of books, and what better way to start this list off with this timeless classic.


Dr. Chapman has been able to brilliantly distill ways in which people express their love to one another. Through his decades of research, he has become intimately aware of how relationships function and how to make them stronger. He discovered that there are different ways in which people express their love, and that by understanding the ways in which you express love to your partner, you will begin to experience a deepening in your relationship with them.

Key Insights:

Dr. Chapman has discovered that throughout every culture, every person expresses love in either of the five following ways:

1) Words of Affirmation (Saying things like 'I love you', 'Thank you for doing that for me', 'Thank you for loving me')

2) Quality Time (Doing things they like to do together 'Watch TV, Make Food, Go to Sporting Events')

3) Receiving Gifts (Even if the things are little 'thank you notes')

4) Acts of Service (Cleaning up the house, offering to do things for another person)

5) Physical Touch (Hugs & Kisses etc.)

Personal Insights:

One observation that I have personally noticed about how love languages function in the world is that we often times subconsciously express the love language to others that we want to receive ourselves. For example, if we have the love language of 'gift giving', we often times expect a gift in return. It is important to be aware that not everyone receives the same love language that you do!

Why I love this book:

I knew I was going to love this book since the day I saw the title. The thing about love is that everyone wants to experience it and give it, but not everyone knows how to properly express it. Dr. Chapman has been able to break down the barriers of culture and succinctly shows how to properly express love to anyone you want to express it to. The book is simply written, easy to understand and easy to implement. I personally have used the suggestions that Dr. Chapman has given in my relationship with my lovely girlfriend and my immediate family members, and I have seen tremendous results.

In order to better understand who you are and how you give & take love, click this link below to take the test!

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