Why I Am Learning to Love "Failure"

"I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong." - Ben Franklin

What is your perspective of failure? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Better yet, what is failure? Is it simply an event that happens or something else? When we closely observe the quote by Ben Franklin we can see there are two layers to it's meaning.

One can understand this quote by saying that the actions done by our home-spun friend Ben did not make him a failure. Sure, one could argue that he did not succeed in accomplishing the goal he set out to complete therefore one could consider him a failure. However, history tells us a different narrative. His jests about "failure" indicate that his mindset is what makes him not a failure.

In my earlier years, I was quick to jump on the next greatest idea that popped into my head. AR glasses, affiliate marketing, the next greatest app, micro breweries. Each idea titillated me because I could see the end goals insight but I did not have the first clue how to execute on the first step. Ben didn't know what would work but ultimately he discovered a lot of what did. I'm sure each time his idea did not work, he felt as crushed as I did when my grandiose ideas did not pan out as I had expected. If you have the right mindset about the direction of your life, you will eventually strike gold. If you are excited to try the next idea as you were the last one, that is a step in the right direction to having a winning mindset. I learned that by "failing" I was actually refining myself and preparing myself for the true challenges to come.

Billionaire investor and celebrity Mark Cuban is quoted with saying "You only have to be right once." So ask yourself, are you still trying for that one thing you will be right on or have you stopped trying altogether? If you have stopped altogether, the harsh reality is that you are a failure.

Key Take Aways

Failure is only ever a mindset.

Failure makes you stronger and helps you learn.

Start to view failure not as a character flaw but as an exciting way to learn to be better for the next time.

Your empowerment comes with how you deal with situations

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